Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rest In Peace

It is difficult when someone suddenly goes missing from your friends circle. Very difficult to comprehend that he will not be coming back. Tears fill my eyes, when I think of him. My throat goes dry, when I hear his voice still reaching my ears. I can hear him call my name out.

Being close to a person, leaves a big remark behind; when you lose them. His smile and his words have lightened up my day a lot of times!! Tears coming from eyes, just exemplifies that fact that how he influenced someone who just happen to travel with him at some part of his life.

Its been a tough time for me. I have not lost someone so close before in my life. It takes time to sink in, I guess. I still cannot grasp the gravity of the situation. Mentally disturbing, hope to recover soon. :) :)

May his soul rest in peace. I will remember him and his voice for a long time to come!!


Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. I'll pray you have the strength to get thru this!! Time is the biggest healer.. and hopefully you will feel better soon!

LAN said...

thanks patricia!!

Anonymous said...

Aww I hope you get through this :(

LAN said...

@Ki: Thanks man!! I also hope so! :|