Friday, October 2, 2009

I jog on

I am really not great at poetry, but I thought I should write this for sometime to come. I went jogging.

Inspired by the movie 300. Here goes.

"Into the narrow corridor of road I jog;
The traffic meets a bottleneck, where the horns sound like grunting hog;

I think about how good I did my job today; I jog;
I think about the girl who did not reply my sms; I still jog;

I look at the wet slippery roads, without slipping I jog......
I think about my next vacation, I jog;

I see a wide smile on the face of a guy who just crossed the road and almost cheated death; I jog;
I laugh at myself, of how stupid I have been in giving so much importance to people who took me for granted; I jog on;

I ponder, what next, what is going to hit me, I jog without an answer;
The pounding heart and suffocating breath stops my progress, I halt to gather my thoughts back;

Not bad for a start, very simple. I know it is not be termed as poetry. :) :)


crazzieeee.... said...

its vry niceeee

LAN said...

@crazzieeee. thanks a lot!! :P :P

Nihara said...


beautiful thots Lan..

LAN said...

@Nihara: thanks :)

srallison71 said...

Sitting at work in Tas,Aust, stumbled over your blog by accident. You have some great stuff, very interesting.

LAN said...

hi srallison, I am sorry that I could reply your comment. I was on a vacation :) Thanks a lot!!
It feels great when someone appreciates your work :P :P
Thanks a lot for stopping by!! :)