Sunday, September 20, 2009

Locked out!!

When I was in my 5th standard, I learnt a poem called "Leisure" written by William Henry Davies". The first line

"What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare."

Looking at work pressure for the past few weeks, I knew that I needed a break. So I joined some photography training sessions. When I came home, I had a suprise waiting for me. I had forgotten to take the keys. All of them at home were out.

I was straddled. I could not go inside. So I took some snaps here and there.....and went out site seeing, roaming here and there. The metro railway in mumbai has come a long way, the pillar are all up. The sun was setting. The reflection of the sun rays on the building looked so brilliant.

I have never seen such a beautiful evening ever. I was roaming with nothing on my mind. I had to take atleast 3 hours out, before my mom would be home with a key. I saw a tree which was so old bang in the middle, which I had never see before.

These snaps are as it was taken, I have not altered them. They look awesome don't they. Here is the banyan tree, so old as me I should say!! I found two Hotels side by side, one named Paarth and the other named Saarathi. Paarth is the name of "Arjuna" from Mahabaratha and "Saarathi" is the name of Krishna himself. Paarth being a bar and restaurant. Saarathi is a Veg restaurant. I guess Paarth has not learnt from Saarthi after all. :) :)

In the twilight I see a board that explains the situation a little. Traffic congestion is really the reason for the metro, but the irony is the building a metro needs space, which eventually causes traffic jam. :)

New stores like "Jumbo king" and Brownie point have come up. They never told me :( :(

I am still exploring around. After all being locked out, does have its advantages.


Kaka said...

well nice pics dude!!!andheri????we always stumble upon new joints where we can hang out!!!!yeah the monorail and the metro have taken up a lot of space causing congestion.....put some pics now and then :)

Nim said...

hey...your 1st 2 pics were really good...isn't that andheri-kurla road?

LAN said...

@kaka: thanks for stopping by; you have a nice blog with all black, good read!!

@Nim : yes dear it is andheri-kurla road!! :) thanks

Pooja Mahimkar said...

hey awesome work...
and nice pics.. i love the one with the tree...awesome!

LAN said...

@Pooja: Thanks a lot dear!! i have to feed your fishes on your blog!! :) will do it :)

nitin said...

paarth-saarthi joke was good one!!

shreeja said...

hey hey hey! din knw how 2 pass time so thot of checkin out ur blog! well my decision wsnt bad at all! nice one! really liked it :)

whocares said...

good going!! liked the pics..welcome to the world of photography :)