Monday, October 19, 2009

Diwali Muted

I was on a vacation to Rajasthan, the place of colours I would say. So many bright colours. I enjoyed my stay there. It was a real awesome tour. I was really unhappy that it came to an end. Diwali celebrations at Jaipur and Udaipur were going on in a way I could not explain. The markets were open till late nights. There was a mela at Udaipur were I went on a swing ride, which made my stomach muscles feel the acute pull. The zero-gravity feeling, made me release how the astronauts would have tackled such a pull. It was my first time with these rides.

Unlike this swing, the other ride I went was really cool. It felt like turning with my bike. It was fast though, very fast. Udaipur is a very small town, and is very quiet. The taxi driver (later) here in Israel I met, liked udaipur more than the buzzing streets of Jaipur. I liked Jaipur more than Udaipur though. The people here and the jalebi I tasted here is the best of its kind.

Celebrations at Jaipur:

Celebrations at Udaipur:

At home, it was like bombs every second. Diwali had come by then. I could not listen to the TV, which was set at more than the normal volume. The fire crackers bursting in random haphazard manner was not a welcome sound to the ears. But it was Diwali and that is how it should be. No other festival in the Indian calender gives such an outright delight when you just hear the name. I made it for Diwali to be with my parents from my vacation to Rajasthan.

I had to do some shopping for the day. Nothing brings joy more than buying new clothes, especially when you like them. It was just one day for me as I had to go abroad to Israel the next day. It was not great feeling; having to leave Diwali celebrations with family and friends and go to a destination where Diwali is so much at a distance like India.

Having finished it, I went off packing my bag and preparing things for the travel. I had a transit at Istanbul. The connecting flight at Istanbul was delayed(less sleep and delays like this makes you cranky). I finally reached my apartment at Tel Aviv. I put my bags down and just fell on my bed. I was dead exhausted. But I could feel the silence there in that apartment. Like nothing moved in life, nothing existed. It was dead silent, the only sound was me adjusting my body on the bed. Not a soul moved. Now that was totally different to my ears as it was nothing like Diwali. I just felt, I have just got the remote control of my life from somewhere and pressed the mute button. :) :)

Thats the bed I am talking about!! :) :)

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