Thursday, April 9, 2009

Workaholic women

Karōshi in Japanese means 'death from overwork'; attributed to sudden occupational death. Some of the sudden deaths that happened to business executive due to their over exertion, were closely studied, as there were no serious illness related prior to the death. This shows how dedicated the Japanese were in their job. No wonder they are a developed country now, inspite of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and their after effects.

Workaholic is a word that has been coined for people who are addicted to work. People who find work most challenging and intriguing compared to other things in life. They work for laurels, better pay or may be just to impress their immediate bosses. Sometimes, they don't really want to work, but the work pressure gets to them. They are made to stretch a lot. Considering the current work force of women, I am not surprised at all. Women work as hard as a men do.

But the way she thinks and the way she works are different. What happens when she is put under the scanner of stress? Are they workaholic? How do they handle stress? Is it similar to what men do? How does she handle pressure at work and also stay calm at the same time? How does she relax? I did run a survey sort of thing. I got lot of answers for the above questions. It is always good to get the answers from the horse's mouth. Isn't it? :) :)

I was of the opinion that most of the women start drinking or smoking because of some kind of pressure some where. But this can be just one of the reasons for girls to catch up drinking and smoking. I don't want to get into the topic of how they catch up these habits or addictions. It seems most of women drink or smoke by choice, that is what I got from the survey. Because they just want to, they do. It is not because of work and pressure that they fall on alcohol to get away from their problems.

The reason for women and men both then remains the same to catch on these habits, as they think they can feel heaven at the cost of their liver and other vital organs. They might not know the importance of it now as the damage repairing capacity of youth brings them back to present. But even a drink a month or two can damage vital organs in the long run. They just don't care a shit about all these crap. But some day down the line they will. Women especially who are pregnant, should not consume alcohol and smoke, because that will affect the growing child inside her.

I consider, you might not agree, a girl drinking is a complete turn off. It certainly is to many guys. Well its her choice, but I would rather exclude her out of my "would be and could be" list. Coming back to the topic after this detour, workaholism is fast catching. The women have caught up all the qualities that men have. Workaholism is no exception. In today's demanding world, working overtime is not considered extra. It is expected that you give your extra bit. The health hazards with respect to over-exertion are multifarious.

Starting from eye inflammation to knee joint pain is very much evident. The major hazards are neck pain and prolonged backache. In women, back aches are very much a part of their life now. Most of the young women catch this. The most important is sleep deprivation. As work takes lot of their time, they cannot enjoy the life they used to enjoy before this job. Their social life is affected. Hence they are awake for a long time to catch up with things they do and sleep just 4-5 hours. As per the article and logic I read on today's paper, more you are awake more calories you munch. This invariably results in increase in weight. The metabolism rate of women are less as compared to men unless they are very athletic or dance regularly. Women can become fat very easily eating normal food. But extra calories results in many running to aerobic classes or thinking about gymn or some pondering on pills, yoga what not.

Work has become something which has many side effects, rather than being something that we do on the side along with other activities. I urge all women to take care of their body and mind and stay as beautiful as they are in their teens. Handle work in such a way that it does not affect other activities. So better body is better mind which in turn has the side effect of better and beautiful women. :) :)

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