Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Politics bunkum

Jaago re Jaago re advertisements have come across as some kind of awakening. Or is really!! I am not against voting. What I am against is where are the bloody leaders? All of the them are bloody corrupt. Jaago re asks us to vote, but who is good leader. All of the so called good leaders and ducking for cover with all those chapals and shoes thrown at them. All the leaders should take up ducking classes before they join politics. But I feel, the citizens should get target practice. Not even one hit the actual leader.

Who is a leader? A role model, to whom people look up to lead them. I can never see a guy or women who can inspire me to join politics. As I don't find a leader who can inspire me, I am not interested in politics. Simple as it goes. Thats the usual feeling of people not taking up politics, the younger generation I mean. Why do many of them want to learn cricket? Because they want to be like Sachin himself or may be a Shane Warne. Can someone think of themselves as a say Advani or Laloo Prasad.

Good leaders are a rarity. Everyday in the morning, with the daily news papers I get these party bunkum which says this is our leader vote for him. I would have never seen his face anywhere. What has he done, God knows!!! These leaders spend so much time and money during elections but they are not even seen after that.

The arc of life revolves around looking for a leader and being like him someday in the future. That is how life has been going on for so many decades. World would have never come to this place without good leaders. There were good leaders. Today, it is difficult to stick to a party to vote for.

But as today's generations are ready to vote, we should bring something to politics which can change the future generation. If today no one is interested in politics; then tomorrow who will be the leader for people of next generation. We have to think on this. I saw an interview of Priyanka gandhi on NDTV. Barka popped lot of tough questions, like "will you forgive Nalini?" (If you remember the lady who killed her father Rajiv Gandhi). "Inspite of your grand mother and your father being killed, why are you in politics? Don't you feel afraid for your mother and brother?"

I admire the tenacity of the Gandhi family to still persist with politics. They could have easily done something other than joining politics. Priyanka takes her kids to her meetings or public addressing functions, so that her kids who are just 8 and 9, get the hang of meeting so many people. She says, she does not want to see her kids at 15 and 16 suddenly see so many people being around her or her family.

She also spoke about Varun her cousin in a different party now. Last but not the least about Rahul Gandhi. The youth congress leader for now. I have heard some of his addressing; he seems impressive. Has the new dawn of politics of what Maniratnam has imagined in the movie Yuva come through? Difficult to say at this moment. But if I would have to vote, I would go for Rahul Gandhi, as he does exhibit something which is very young in this whole over aged and over sized pocket scheme of things. By this I am not saying he is very good. He seems quiet good. But it is the future and the coming years that will decide if he is a leader in the making.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh....You are right. I cannot be bothered about politics. Sad really...

Patricia Torres said...

oh.. I saw Priyanka Gandhi's interview as well... and was rather impressed by her thoughts. I completley agree with her... I can visualise Sonia Gandhi in a small town house.. gardening & baking.. How sad that she chose to get into politics. Its sad!! That they really dont have a life of their own and NO one appreciates them.

With regards to other politicians... OMG.. I cannot imagine Mayawathi or Jaylalitha as PMs. That would be so depressing!!!

I like the Lead India adverts.. (I think!!).,.. the Aamir Khan ones.. are very good...

Have you seen the Tata tea... ones??

Anonymous said...

Oh & btw you have an award waiting for you at http://boxingwords.blogspot.com/2009/04/yes-we-have-it-too.html.


LAN said...

@ Choco: We can actually say lets vote; lets vote; but to whom!! i am sick and tired of people saying please vote.....what the hell,

@ Patricia: Yes gal, I have seen those advts, they are cool. But i am ready to vote. But what is the use, there is no good leaders around....:) i really don't feel like going to the booth and exercise my vote because of this......