Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a F*** up?

I seldom use the "F" letter word. Yeah okay not very often. Seeing today's literature fiction books using such words very freely, I have come to terms with it. I was looking for an USB cable. The mobile which I have today is my 5th mobile. As we think about the past, we will understand how the mobile revolution has changed today's modern age. Camera mobiles phones, digital photography, transfer it to your PC in a jiffy and share it on your orkut or facebook profile.

It has also some major drawbacks. Coming back to the USB cable, I had to look beneath the cables that my mom had put in a box. All the cables, adapters extension chords, USB extension chords and what not. The technology has also brought about such a amazing conundrum of cables. To get the correct chord is like striking a correct chord in million musical notes.

I was looking, looking and looking to find the cable but in vein. I could never imagine such a thing 5 years ago. My dad has a mobile, my brother and my mom. All the cables go in. The old mobiles also say their last say by showing up every now and then. We are living in a world of crowded cables I should say. Searching for a cable in so many cables is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Total complete f*** up.

It is not just the cables which have grown and filled our homes like creepers, but also today's traffic. I know it is totally two different things all together. But I had to include it in this blog because, the number of vehicles and the number of people who can own a vehicle has increased tremendously in the past 5 years. Everytime there is an advt for a small car, I feel oh gross another one million of those!!

On the first day of bookings for Tata Nano, 65000 bookings were made. They say at the end of one month it would have already had more than 5 million. Where will you put all these cars, where is the bloody space. The traffic is very alarming today. With the metro work going on, Andheri-Kurla road (a road in mumbai) finds itself traffic jamed and buttered. You got to manufacture a way through the traffic. By the time metro comes up, the traffic would have increased multifold. I was the on-looker and god bless not driving my bike in this traffic. God bless!! To betray this traffic, I got a cool cycle. I will not care about the signals now. I will not care about the traffic police. And not about the traffic, as I will just cut through like a hot knife on butter. Next blog with snaps of my bicycle!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa....Too Good.
I agree about the cables. I have two..wait no. three places in my home were I stock cables room= pc,i pod, stereo cables

the living room= dvdplayer, tv, set top box cables

& My parents bedroom= all other cables tht I cannot understand. Its not like they are going to know the difference! :)

LAN said...

I know man!! these wires have grown like creepers and we didn't even notice them!! :)

et said...

Ah..very very true about the cables thingy! There are usb cables, cables to extend the usb cables, then usb-to-something else cables...etc etc

Toootal f-up!!

Sriram said...

Has technology made our lives tougher or easier? Sometimes, when I start weighing the pros and cons, I get into an endless discussion.....

The cable thing is another point to add to the cons side..... Yes... I agree with you.

LAN said...

technology has made us salve to these creepers; we cannot live without them!! :)

LAN said...

Thanks both to et and sriram for stopping by!! you guys rock!!