Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Owing to an exceptional promo and trailers, Dhasavatharam does stand by it. An amazing film, which has changed the prose of cinematography. The thinking of a concept that is so spellbinding is itself an art to be profoundly appreciated. The start of the movie is so intense and awesomely done that it gets etched in your mind for ever.

The way the first half of the movie moves, is depicted without any aberrant scenes. Kamal Hasan has just pulled a magic bunny out of the hat. Dhasavatharam means ten different avatars of Kamal Hasan, but such is the elan of Kamal, that he made all ten feel and perceive in a different way.

Starting with a Hindu character, Ramanujam Iyengar, then goes on to be a Scientist who discovers bio weapon. Then he is George W Bush, a Christian(revolutionary), a muslim (tall guy), 95 year old lady, Flecher (American villan), Telugu Police officer(the best role), Chinese marshal arts guy and Avatar singh (pop singer), who suffers from cancer but sings.

Each and every character, has got its own outline story, that comes into the main scheme of things in such a beautiful way. The story is depicted with such grace that, I fell in love with the story line!! The character of Telugu Police officer is done with such brilliance, that it seems, like a real police officer from Andhra Pradesh.

The graphics involved in the movie are mind boggling, that is the reason I am blogging. It is just that kind of a work, that identifying where graphics have been used and where the original image has be portrayed, is tough task and ask. Ending it with an graphical tsunami was a icing on the cake with a complete majestic take!!

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