Friday, June 6, 2008

Anandamritha karshini!!

Anandamritha karshini, is the song that reverberates in my ears when the drops of water fall from high above heavens. A Muthuswamy Dikshitar composition in Amritavarshini raga, a treat to sing and hear to. One of the soul-stirring composition, which makes one hell of a spine chilling experience, when sung with utmost gratitude and precisely tuned notes.

Anandamritha karshini is a song which is in Amrithavarshini raga. It is the raga which is sung to bring rain in ancient times. The Hindustani version of this raga is Malhar. Varsha as it is termed, means rain. Just 3-4 days back I was on one of the terrace of a building singing this song, glad to see that Varuna(God of rains) has brought the Varsha rutu (Rainy season) so fast.

What I meant in the last two paragraph is that, monsoon has arrived here in Mumbai, 5-10 days early. Listening to the dripping water and having that soil smell, when first monsoon rains hits ground is a amazing feeling, especially after the raw sun starring and beating straight at zapping your energy levels.

Quiet a relief from baking sun, it was a tough May 2008 without a fan or an AC. The Mumbai rains always leaves with a rush of blood, flooding all parts. This monsoon is said to be an above average one by the meteorological department. Even the 26 July monsoon season episode was an average monsoon season. So does the meteorological department say, this time we will have two 26 July days. This would be ablution of all the household goods twice.

Just today I saw a series of photos on Hindustan times, which featured the high tide near Gateway of India. The water rose so high that it was almost equal to the parapet wall there. The waves ravaging into the roads just in front of a the Hotel Taj was quiet a scary sequence of photos. I have never seen the waves so high all my stay in Mumbai.

Hope this monsoon brings with it, less misery and suffering with more of zeal and happiness throughout. After all monsoon is a starts with a cheer, always ends in a disaster. The roads start to disappear, ponds seem to appear. Dark and gloomy sky, seems to resemble the sky shown in the movie-"Independence day". It surely a train stopper if not a show stopper. I just heard that Lamborgini Galarado has come up with a model wherein they have made some major changes to the aerodynamics of the car to float on Mumbai monsoon floods. Just kidding!! Lets pray or be preys to the Varuna Bagawan!!

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