Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chennai Super kings win hearts with Fair play!!

Taking away nothing from the Rajasthan Royals, who were the run away favorites in the finals due to their group stages performance, spare a thought for CSK. Starting the league, with 4 consecutive victories, made CSK the favorites. But then Hayden and Hussey parted ways to defeats, as CSK could not handle the hole created by them. It was back to drawing board. Captain cool MSD stayed calm and took his team through tough times.

Then came the spark of victories, which took Chennai up the ladder in the points table. Many doubted that CSK were not that good a team to make it through, but what they have done is proved their critics wrong. It was very dis-heartening to see, many were against Chennai Super Kings as a team rather than for Rajasthan Royals. The team had done so well on the field with umpires and players that it won the "Fair play award" for the tournament.

The regional slurs were all out. People supporting Chennai were more disappointed by the slurs they got rather than the team's defeat. Cricket is just a game, battles on the field are not to be taken personal. Igniting personal wars, goes no where but destroy relationships and partnerships. Just adding ghee to fire of fury. People never can accept a guy from down south being successful or say being happy.

Seems like some kind of genetic disapproval, which does not accept the fact that people are not as happy or successful (to add even intelligent) as a South Indian. Being a Chennai supporter, I got a taste of all the above. ( I am not intelligent though, but most of my friends are) I was disappointed by the Chennai Super King's loss 'as a team' as MS Dhoni rightly put it. I have never seen a fielding captain smile when the opposition need 1 run from 1 ball.

MSD blamed no one for the poor show and said it was a team effort all throughout. The speaks volumes about the man and his captaincy. Rajasthan Royals won the game, but the Chennai Super kings players were in a huddle reciprocating what could have been a sure victory if they would have played better and too take this defeat on its strides. Rajasthan Royals were amazing on field, their bowling in the death was really remarkable considering the pressure of finals. Their batting looked good in patches, but lost important wickets at crucial situations.

Finally, the match ended tantalizingly close in the last ball. A sure humdinger, which draws crowds aplenty. The final could have never been scripted better than this. The IPL has been a talent identifying event. Manpreet Goni, Yusuf Patan, Gautam Gambhir, Daval Kulkarni, etc.. and the list goes on. This very much shows Indian cricket in future is in safe hands!!


Anonymous said...

Well written buddy

rajesh said...

Hey Buddy,

Its very well written,

But nobody over here is to raise a personal war, these things are going to happen
Everyone knows IPL and ICL are not original formats, its the true indian way of copying things from west.

If the format is influenced from club culture in europe, u cannot expect the fan following to be different. After all this is the only spirit which makes the IPL a gr8 following, just for following good can really enjoy test cricket....a chelsea fan is also critisized when his team looses....but things can really go other way if it wins....we all know its a sport anyway...and hence should be taking sportingly.....

Frank said...

It sure is a good write up....

but do not take these personal wars 2 ur heart buddy.

anyway from next week it will all be Team India on the field and the topic will shift from Team Jaipur or Team Chennai or Team Mohali or Team Mumbai to ONE TEAM INDIA.

Yusuf Pathan's amazing blitz against the bowlers and Chawals deceiving Googlies will all be for Team India and People will cheer them irrespective of their Region....

Let TEAM INDIA go out all GunZ Blazing.

rajesh said...

yes frank,

I am looking forward for this team india encounter....hopefully this entertainment will keep our blogger more busy......

LAN said...

Hey I know that, and i did not take it personal; this was just another thing;
i am just against the reaction the south indians show towards such things; we take everything for granted....which i think say a marathi guy or anyother guy will not.
We are sure are soft spoken, and that shows how good we guys are!!