Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Morning Raga!!

A song was playing far away. There was quiet some distance. The song which was playing seemed to be familiar, but there was something different about it. I just started listening to the song after it had those twists. It was kind of a fusion music. Just like that by colonial cousins.
This song used a carnatic song note, which is so familiar to me!! But the westernisation of the music sounded different. The ardent listeners of carnatic would put a stirct no no board for such songs!! But just widening the horizon of music, carnatic music can reach wide and far with such fusions.
It has been quiet some time that the movie Morning Raga was released 2005. It had a nice story line!! Majestic sceneries and mindboggling camera work throughout the movie. The story-line is well planned with good acting of Shabana Azmi to back it up. Her acting was the backbone for this movie. She has learnt bits and pieces of carnatic for perfecting her acting during the shots. My mom asked me, is this a hindi movie or a tamil movie!!

I told her this is an english movie. Made with international viewers in mind. The movie starts with an amazing music track and amazing scenery. Sudha Ragunathan has taken the music to another level, adding multi dimension to the songs in this movie. One should listen to marvel the amount of effort has gone into it to make it such a soul stirring experience.

One should applaud, the acting of all the co stars, especially Abinai, the violinist, leaves his presence after the movie!! All in all it is a very soft spoken movie, but with its own kind of music it leaves a mark in the hearts of people like me!!

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