Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chennai Superior Kings

The IPL has been a big hit. It has taken cricket from sports to entertainment category. How much money has been pored into such an event. To be the first ever event, of its kind, it has got all the accolades to be a great tournament every year.

A great deal of international players; playing in this event, has made it even more enjoyable and thrilling to watch. The added attraction of cheer girls, cheering for their respective teams, the dug out; the vibrant colours of the teams, flood lights, wow that sounds electric. These are the new attractions that have been added since T20 games.

I guess the 50-50 games will become boring now. It would feel quiet lengthy format as compared to the fast paced T20 games. Who wants to see a 100 overs game, when you can get results in 40 overs.

Such IPL games have normalized relationships between international teams. Say India and Australia; there has been too much rivalry and speculation among each teams after the recently concluded Test series and One-Day international games in Australia. The India-Pakistan rivalry has to take a back seat, as there are not a lot of games between Pak now a days. With both the team members jelling with each other in different teams has brought this stirfe among India and Australia to some kind of a normal. (for the time being)

There is one more debate, which says that IPL is creating a rift among Indian team members; after the Harbajan-Sreesanth incidence. Players of the respective teams should not take these games very seriously to their heart, as these games are played for entertainment cause. May be they can show some of their past rivalry against each other during domestic competitions. To sum this debate, players come into the Indian team after playing domestic games; like the Ranji and Irani trophy games, wherein they must have played against each other.

The IPL has give pure entertainment all these days, and it continues to defy the logic in attracting more people towards it!! The game between Deccan Chargers V Mumbai Indians, was watched by more than a million people in Australia. Gilly redefined gravity in this match as all the balls from his bat were always reaching the skies.

Even girls how have not watched or followed cricket, have been made to turn their heads as lot of bollywood masala has gone into the preparation of IPL. My heart wants Sachin to score a century everytime he plays in these games and make Mumbai Indians the champions, but the strongest team that has emerged so far is the Chennai Super kings, winning all their games.

Dhoni and his battering players, might have played really well in their games so far, but the withdrawal of strong players like Hayden, Oram and Hussey, has surely created a big rift. With the Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians winning their first games and catching up some impetus, other teams beware........the best is yet to come!!

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