Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Faith in God!!

What is that, that makes us feel we have someone above watching us? How did we get this feeling of faith in someone who has not been seen by anyone currently living in the sphere of this earth. God who lives in kilasa; as per hindu mytology; is he so far from us? The religious way of looking at God, is as a superior person, an almighty with all the powers we can every think of......

What is that, that makes God the superior person? Is he really around? Is he watching us from above....If he is watching us from above; where does he live? Does he have a home at all? Is kailasa the home for this superior god?

What is that, that makes God so superior and makes him, so great, with limitless amount of people believing in him. Is it just blind belief in God? What if our ancestors, also have not seen God. What is the basis in which will we say for sure that God is omnipresent.

What is that, that which gives this blind belief food, our strong mythologies, ancient scripts, stories that say the presence of God, or is it just the ancient structures and monuments, which still stand today??

What is that, that we have been dependent on for the belief of God. Is this dependent belief? If God is as good as in ancient tales; why does not he take avatars in today's modern world? The spiritual way of looking at God says, god is omnipresent. He is inside every jeevatma....

What is that, which will show as God? How do we for sure say God is around? If he is present everywhere, then I better call Prahalada....... who will show me where he is!! Trouble if God existed, Lord Narashima, will come out and tear me apart!! :)

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