Monday, January 26, 2009

Indian of the year

The 60th Republic day, what does that mean to us as a common man. For most of them it is just another national holiday. The republic day parade goes on at Delhi and it is proudly telecasted in DD. Not many watch it or do they? We would rather watch some special programs on regional language or watch a Hindi movie. As a young guy, when I was taught the National Anthem, I was never thought the underlying meaning in it. Till this day, I never know the meaning in it nor have I put the effort to know the meaning of what it stands.

Being an Indian is just by chance, as I was born here. I ask myself, what I have done to change the phase of India. The answer comes out to be mere nothing. I did have aspiration as a young kid to become a nuclear scientist or later even a pilot and to serve the Indian Air Force. Nothing happened and I ended up being a telecom engineer, working for a MNC.Yes, I have no right in asking others what they have done for their country.

I watched a Republic day special show on NDTV "Indian of the year 2008". The theme of the show was on the terror attacks on 26/11. Most part of the show did give me goosebumps. The terror attacks were relived through this show. The people who gave their lives for others, the police constables the inconspicuous people like the hotel staff, the CST train personnel who tired to stop trains, so that people don’t reach station. Last but the main guys without whom, we cannot live the normal life today, “The NSG”.

All the police inspector’s wives were called upon in the show and also the NSG commandos’ family were present. The all accepted the Indian Hero of the year award, for their respective soul from the family who had laid their lives for us to live without tension. One of them said, one constable took 18 bullets and other constable took 9 bullets. How can a person stare death on its face? I don’t have an answer for it.

The award ceremony if I can call it, was not only about the terror attacks. There was Aamir Khan, who never attends any award functions. He was awarded for his movie Taaren Zameen Par. There was lot of things in the show, that made me think, how can I forget these guys. Sania Nehwal, badminton has broken into the top 10 seeds and gives the Koreans and Chinese badminton stalwarts a tough fight and we brood about Sania Mirza not getting into the second round of Australian Open.

Vishwanathan Anand, the most humble guy in sports I should say and easily also the most brilliant and intelligent India. Humble, because he is not in the limelight often. He has defended his world title this year and made a hatrick of three consecutive years and here we think about including me about cricket, football and F1. The “Chandrayan” mission to Moon costed less than the IPL TV bidding. Not many know that. I read an editorial today on “Times of India” written by a normal layman like us. The Delhi traffic was diverted on Friday the 23rd for rehearsal show of the republic day parade.

He was asked to take an alternate route and he had never seen an army men marching before. So took his time parked his vehicle and got a glimpse of the whole show. He was really thrilled by the whole experience and the whole feeling of Indianness. So he has asked people not consider the Republic day, just as another national holiday and go and visit the parade with their family, to inculcate patriotism that has lost its roots.

I conclude by this incidence at my office. We celebrated the republic day on 23rd as it was a long weekend. We were each given flags to be pined beside our heart for that very occasion. And so we did. One of my friends had come in his traditional dress. At the end of the day, he wanted to get comfortable and get into a comfortable dress. Another friend was arguing with him, that he should not remove the dress as it does not show true Indian. All this I don’t know, but what followed made me angry. This friend of mine removed the flag that he had pinned on the traditional dress, and made an action as if he was throwing it. The friend who was arguing was more irritated by this. When we asked him, why he did such an act, he coolly replied that, he was trying to irritate the other guy. So much for the patriotism and so much for Indianness. Some people are just not fit to be called Indian.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment after reading this but realised that I don't have anything to say! Strange thing for a blogger that. So here I am commenting anyways.
The reason I wanted to keep mum and move on was that right now I feel the phrase,"to each his own", holds for me. Perhaps for many others also. You r right. Patriotism comes way down the line on my priority list.

LAN said...

yes choco..... :)even me, patriotism strikes me when I see someone do something for our country. I don't do anything for my country......