Friday, January 23, 2009

Best dressed guy for a day!!

Owing 26th January being Republic day, all of them at office were asked to be dressed in traditional attire which depicts or matches with the national flag colour. Usually I don't follow the rules, as I want to wear the colour I feel on that day.

I got up in the morning and felt today, I should wear a traditional dress. So I opened my cupboard and saw the sherwani that I had got for my sister's marriage. So I put it on. I knew that there was a prize for a best dressed guy and gal. As always, I thought I will never get such prizes.

As the day went on, this slipped out of my mind. There was a get together for singing patriotic songs and also snacks pav bhaji arranged for all the employees. I was having pav bhaji after a long time!!

Then the prize distribution came along, and I was selected as the best dressed guy. Unbelievable, believe it!! :) :) It was like Ripley's believe it or not!! Here are some snaps.....

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