Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Those Childhood days!!

Gone are the days, studying, laughing, playing. What not, do we miss from those "magic" childhood days. The total number of friends and those playing days, goes on decreasing exponentially as you move on in your life. Every now a then, we do get in touch with those friends, but the fun and happiness is still deprived. Every now and then, we do remember lot of incidents very fondly. As we grow older, today would be remembered fondly.

When some similar incidents happen, we get those childhood chubbiness and laughter out of no were. Considering the busy schedule we cope with everyday, the time to spend time for ourselves is completely nil. I still think about those pranks, which was very much part of my childhood days!! Whenever something happens, which reminds me something from the past, I quietly smile at myself, thinking what an idiot I was back then.

Today, we had a supposed power cut, at office. So we had been to the pantry, just to enjoy and kill time. It was time for some carrom. Noting, as most of them at office come from somewhat similar back ground, it was quiet evident from the style of play. Every body were rusty. No one had played carrom for a long time. Simple shots were quiet miserably missed resulting in embarrassment.

I for a change was getting the hang, so what early in the game, just to slump in the middle. My partner, was getting those crucial punches every now and then. He was on his "hot and cold" form as one of my friend coined it. We hit a purple patch wherein, we won some boards. Getting those sleek cuts and majestic straight shorts, made me very happy. Got back those childhood tensions, describing other's shots, exclaiming when my shots did not make it.

Carrom did get those mickey out of us. Thoroughly enjoyed the crunch situations, playing under pressure. Getting that tough shot in, missing a simple shot. Feels great to be a child again. Hope such moments, brush us every now and then. I meant the carrom part, not the power cut. It is damn hot now a days.


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Lan,
It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil:

Ashutosh Didwania said...

So very true...As a child everyone wishes to be grown up and as a grown up everyone everyone wants to be a child...

LAN said...

thanks Geraldo; that is very kind of you!! Good luck from India;

Hi Ashutosh; yes it is......cool...nice hearing from you!

Basement said...

GLN! nice blog da! not read all of them but i already think its a place to watch out for! H.Kaarthik

LAN said...

Thanks da!! I see your basement is also something to watch out for; by the way nice snaps....:)

sittingonmyoldrockingchair said...

Hello Lan, thanks for your nice comments on my blog, it is very good to feel that young people like some things on it. At my age, I discovered this way to comunicate with my fellow humans, it was a real blessing for me to discover it's wonders and now I am able to have friends from way far from my country. So please do not forget to visit me reagularly, I'll keep in touch with your blog, be happy, Luisa