Saturday, October 25, 2008

It is not fossil; it is Tommy Hilfiger!!

I had been shopping for some watches....this Tommy Hilfinger watch caught my attention.....I was inclined to go for a Fossil watch....I did not see the range, that met my criteria of requirements in a watch.....

1. Dual time- Which meant I can see two time zone on my watch simultaneously.
2. A formal watch.
3. Round shape, which is retro considered today exotic shapes of titan fast-track.
4. Elegant and at the same time simple.
5. No steel watches, I hate them as they are very bulky and very heavy
6. Leather straps, neat finish with date and day.
7. Not to forget I got a Tommy Hilfiger laptop back-pack free......:):):)

This Tommy Hilfiger met all the above conditions........hurray! finally got it!!


vivek said...

its good dude.

LAN said...

ha; thank u dont buy that swatch for me :)

Basement said...

hey lan! nice watch da... can u post a more close up shot of the watch??

LAN said...

cool da; sure!! check out i have added one snap!!