Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Way Forgotten

We Indians have forgotten the way we lived once a upon a time. Westernized, influence of various civilization who invaded us and ruled us; has just given way to a hybrid culture and civilization where we speak English as an official language which is not the national language at office. It is evident because, the very post which I have written now is in English. 

We consider people who know English superior and people with native languages inferior. It is a victory of Britishers and the defeat for ourselves. If you check history English has been around only for the past 200 years in India. Before that we had so many native languages and the base language of all was Sanskrit. 

How many people know Sanskrit today, other than the broken Sanskrit students learn at school as a scoring subject. Not many even know that Sanskrit is the official language of Uttarakhand. Do you know how many people around the world want to learn Sanskrit and its hidden fascinating meanings? 

Germany have so many universities offering Sanskrit as a subject. People from NASA have a separate wing of scientist studying the secrets of Sanskrit. The word is out that the next generation computers will have Sanskrit as their base language, as almost or all the languages in the world have been derived from it. Sanskrit is part of the subjects taught in a school in England, which produces the best ranking students every year. They say Sanskrit improves brain functionality and hence intelligence and IQ. 

No wonder, our Rishis and Maharisihis where world renowned scholars. Sanskrit was not a language of rishis and maharishis alone, it was the native mother tongue of ancient Indian Subcontinent. There are villages in India, who still speak Sanskrit. We are easily baffled by the western world. How many of us take the time to understand our forgotten fore fathers and the way we used to live and thrive. 

If Aliens would have visited the ages of Munis and if they happen to come back again to the Holy land of India, they would never believe that we are the descendants of the great Aryan civilization where the Rig veda once flourished. Even today there are Sanskrit scholars who teach the language of our fore fathers. I would like to leave a thought in your mind with the following shlok. 

Image description not specified.

Would you believe me, if I tell you this shlok when decrypted can tell the value of Pi upto 31 decimal places. Sanskrit is just mind boggling language. Learn Sanskrit and teach your next generation. After all we can still get back few things which we have forgotten. 

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