Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am hungry!!

Like everyday, today was also very busy day in the morning before going to office. My mom had a new problem as we had a new servant to clean house coming today. She was very apprehensive about her. I had been to my gym and had been back, now it was time to get ready for office.

It was a very tough time for my mom as she had to be behind the servant just to check how she works, and also had to cook for me. In all this she had forgotten her breakfast. Not to forget before the servant it was my dad's turn to leave home. He does pooja, so requires some materials to be ready, like preparing for the deepa and aarthi and also flowers. She had to prepare all that.

She was telling me I am feeling hungry while cooking for me. I saw my mom working very hard to her limit. Usually I am very lazy and don't do anything. Today, I prepared my drink and let her look after the servant. Then I asked her to take her time in cooking for me. As she was partly cooking and partly watching over the servant, I thought of doing something for her.

So I went slowly inside the kitchen and took a banana and gave it to her. Then after some time, cut an apple into small pieces and placed it in a plate and placed it in front of the stove were she was cooking. She said thanks. Well, listening to her saying "I am hungry", I just did what I could. :) :)

She does so much for me, it was nothing compared to that, but I felt great after doing it. You see love is all-round.. :) :) 

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Namagiripriya said...

wat u have done is good....
i like u !!!