Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Building muscles

I joined a gym and have been working out since the first of Jan. New year resolution or not, so far it is good. Being a vegetarian, it is difficult to get those muscles. I joined on a muscle gain program. Not many of my ancestors have had muscles. Some thought triggered my mind, when my dad commented that we have been pundits and only form of muscles gain exercise we used to perform is ringing the big bell for the Lord. So then muscle building is just not in the genes.

Black smiths, building constructors and people with utmost physical activity were the guys who had muscles. Interesting but true. They are the people with the genes for a fab body. Others just don't have it in their genes. Owing to the fact that cross culture, or cross caste marriage were not acceptable in our orthodox past, it could be true to say the fab body guys today have the genes of these black smiths and building constructors from the past.

May be may be not. Even though, I try to build some muscles, I kind of feel may be I am not built for it from within. Is it that I am asking my body to do something totally different from its actual use. Are is it that I am just doing something it is not used to and asking it to perform. Will it perform? Only time will tell.

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Health Consultant said...

Take more protein and carbohydrates based foods along with regular weight and cardio exercises to develop the muscles. Not take more cholesterol foods because these foods gain your fat instead of muscles.
Include more milk, yogurt, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet for the muscles building.

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