Thursday, August 12, 2010

Value of Money

Today morning, I checked my wallet for money. I had just 20 bucks. I rechecked it, and I could not find more. It was just 20. Felt that the "daridram" in Sanskrit which means the state of being poor has just hit me. Money does not affect unless you are found wanting for it.

Today's fast money has made life easier to draw money from the bank account. The problem is, it has also made the spending that much more easier. I usually draw money from the ATM before I reach such a state of having just 20 to show.

The thoughts of my college days struck me. I used to travel home and to college with just 20 bucks that my mom used to give me. I used to save money from that by walking sometimes and save it for future use. I bought vada pav, books, etc.. It was a content life. I did have very less money, but after saving some, I used to feel very happy of my achievement.

Today, I don't feel the necessity to save it as I earn. I don't save money like I used to do it. Just going back, when I was at my college, I was so young, not mature enough. But then I knew saving money was very essential. Now that I have grown and mature enough to make a decision, I don't save money. Just the irony of life, when you can do something very easily, we just don't.