Friday, September 17, 2010

Everybody Sneezes

I was in a train back home from Mahim. Local train towards Andheri, ofcourse it was crowded. It was a routine train, normal. As soon as the train took off from Vileparle towards Andheri, we came across some kind of pungent smell. It was a strong enough to bring a sneeze from me. I sneezed.

After a second or two the Muslim uncle with the cap, who sat near me, sneezed. Then another guy sneezed he was in his 40s. May be a manager somewhere, looking at the way he was dressed. Then came the turn of a guy who looked a little like he was from the north east.

I was amazed, so many people sneezed in just a matter of seconds. Then a Marathi guy sneezed ( I knew he was because he was reading a marathi paper) I was wondering all of them reacted similar to the smell. They are all from different religion, sect, caste and for that say from different parts of India.

They I popped into the paper and it read the news on J and K and also violence somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. Even though we are all brought up from different parts of the country and follow different ways to reach God, we are still just humans, homo sapiens sapiens.

Today during lunch I had a stroll. I came across a school. It was end of a shift and start of another I guess. All cute and small kids were leaving and taller kids were coming in. I saw a Singh uncle riding a cycle, picking up his grand daughter from school. Then a lady in burka went hand in hand with her cute kid.

An old sindi uncle came in Kinetic Honda. It was a buzzing crowd. With all this, there were taxis, buses, vans picking up children from the school. All kids were so happy leaving school. Kids playing, saying bye bye to each other. All smiles. It really gets me to wonder, we are not really discriminative when we are kids. Its when we grow up we get these strange feelings. The hatred for others is just a mere result of us becoming adults. Hope some day we are kids again. :)

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