Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Inflated Inflation!!

The news is all out. It always comes in the first page, with the finance minister as a cartoon, tearing his hair away. Why is it such an ambivalent issue, that everyone seems to be behind it. What is inflation exactly? Put in simple words it is just, the amount of supply of goods available today is running short of the demands of the same.

The growth has gone into such an orbit that, the demand for more and more resources in all the sectors have also plunged into a new high. But the resource's production of goods, is just not meeting that demand. For example consider the Construction industry. The most essential goods required for this industry is the steel, bricks, cement, gravel, sand, etc... What if some of these goods are not available in enough quantities. The construction industry will suffer. The growth is affected.

Due to less availability of resources, the demand in the market will increase. The cost of such resources will also increase. The more the cost of such goods increase, will again hinder the growth of the construction industry. Lets consider the basic everyday factor like say food. The demand of food requirement today is not reaching the food production. When Mr. Bush said the "Middle class of India and China have grown beyond bounds are eating a lot; which has led to global food scarcity.", the whole of Middle class were behind his comment. They started getting figures of how much Americans eat.

Just to understand, Americans have their demand and supply under control, which our growing economy has to get an hang on. The double figure inflation rate is just staring at them, which will itch the economy for a long time, unless the finance minister and the reserve bank of India pull a bunny out of the hat.

What can they do? The resources are limited, hence increasing them will take a long time for it to meet the demand of the countries ever growing hunger. Another method is to curb the growth, have a lower growth target and potential, which will lower the growth rate. Hence an balance between the inflation and growth rate is a juggle that keeps the finance minister on his feet.

This will involve, RBI increasing the interest rates. Which inturn will affect borrowing of money by loans, as the rate of repayment would be very high. This will affect the growth, which will bring demands down. This will keep the growth rate in check and also bring the inflation rate to an comfortable and stable level. There are many other such measures that have to be done, to lower the demand in the market. It sure will be decelerating the growth of the market, but has to be done to curb the inflated inflation.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Owing to an exceptional promo and trailers, Dhasavatharam does stand by it. An amazing film, which has changed the prose of cinematography. The thinking of a concept that is so spellbinding is itself an art to be profoundly appreciated. The start of the movie is so intense and awesomely done that it gets etched in your mind for ever.

The way the first half of the movie moves, is depicted without any aberrant scenes. Kamal Hasan has just pulled a magic bunny out of the hat. Dhasavatharam means ten different avatars of Kamal Hasan, but such is the elan of Kamal, that he made all ten feel and perceive in a different way.

Starting with a Hindu character, Ramanujam Iyengar, then goes on to be a Scientist who discovers bio weapon. Then he is George W Bush, a Christian(revolutionary), a muslim (tall guy), 95 year old lady, Flecher (American villan), Telugu Police officer(the best role), Chinese marshal arts guy and Avatar singh (pop singer), who suffers from cancer but sings.

Each and every character, has got its own outline story, that comes into the main scheme of things in such a beautiful way. The story is depicted with such grace that, I fell in love with the story line!! The character of Telugu Police officer is done with such brilliance, that it seems, like a real police officer from Andhra Pradesh.

The graphics involved in the movie are mind boggling, that is the reason I am blogging. It is just that kind of a work, that identifying where graphics have been used and where the original image has be portrayed, is tough task and ask. Ending it with an graphical tsunami was a icing on the cake with a complete majestic take!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


To be frank, I never follow tennis. But I do catch up for some important games. This time it was a Serbian popcorn on song. I saw the French open Ladies finals. Ana Ivanovic, seen her in Wimbledon finals and some other finals that I don't remember, but she had finished both the times on the loosing side. All I remember was a girl with a very puissant forehand. A shot that can take your racket back when it comes to contact.

On the other side was Dinara Safina, determinant young girl from France was quiet an opponent, standing 6 feet and 2 inches tall. Very gusty young girl, was very nervous during the finals, as it was her first. My all time favorite player is and will always be Justine Henin Hardenne. The grace and fluency she bought to tennis, I have never seen that kind of a game ever in anyone else. Ana was close, her movements were impeccable.

She swayed away from the balls and nailed it across to the back-hand of Safina. Those inside out shots had quiet a thump in them. Both the player were nervous, which resulted in many unforced errors. Ana won some crucial breaks, in the second set. to take it 6-4 6-3. Safina lost some important points when the ball was on her half.

Ana Ivanovic smiled her way through, with ease and grace, barring some tense moments. I fell in love with her smile and grace. Quiet a classy women, who is now the number 1 seed after this French open win. Bravo to Ana!! A french open final victory, 4 million dollars, number one seed, got to say she must be in the tenth moon. She has Ivanoviced to glory!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Anandamritha karshini!!

Anandamritha karshini, is the song that reverberates in my ears when the drops of water fall from high above heavens. A Muthuswamy Dikshitar composition in Amritavarshini raga, a treat to sing and hear to. One of the soul-stirring composition, which makes one hell of a spine chilling experience, when sung with utmost gratitude and precisely tuned notes.

Anandamritha karshini is a song which is in Amrithavarshini raga. It is the raga which is sung to bring rain in ancient times. The Hindustani version of this raga is Malhar. Varsha as it is termed, means rain. Just 3-4 days back I was on one of the terrace of a building singing this song, glad to see that Varuna(God of rains) has brought the Varsha rutu (Rainy season) so fast.

What I meant in the last two paragraph is that, monsoon has arrived here in Mumbai, 5-10 days early. Listening to the dripping water and having that soil smell, when first monsoon rains hits ground is a amazing feeling, especially after the raw sun starring and beating straight at zapping your energy levels.

Quiet a relief from baking sun, it was a tough May 2008 without a fan or an AC. The Mumbai rains always leaves with a rush of blood, flooding all parts. This monsoon is said to be an above average one by the meteorological department. Even the 26 July monsoon season episode was an average monsoon season. So does the meteorological department say, this time we will have two 26 July days. This would be ablution of all the household goods twice.

Just today I saw a series of photos on Hindustan times, which featured the high tide near Gateway of India. The water rose so high that it was almost equal to the parapet wall there. The waves ravaging into the roads just in front of a the Hotel Taj was quiet a scary sequence of photos. I have never seen the waves so high all my stay in Mumbai.

Hope this monsoon brings with it, less misery and suffering with more of zeal and happiness throughout. After all monsoon is a starts with a cheer, always ends in a disaster. The roads start to disappear, ponds seem to appear. Dark and gloomy sky, seems to resemble the sky shown in the movie-"Independence day". It surely a train stopper if not a show stopper. I just heard that Lamborgini Galarado has come up with a model wherein they have made some major changes to the aerodynamics of the car to float on Mumbai monsoon floods. Just kidding!! Lets pray or be preys to the Varuna Bagawan!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Did you see the Red spot?

Did you see that Red spot? Well it is okay if you had missed it. It is on Jupiter. The Hubble space telescope has now found a third spot on Jupiter's surface, to add to the existing 2 giant red spots. The size of the new red spot's has not yet been known. The older spot is roughly as big as earth itself.

For more info you can visit: The third Red spot!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chennai Super kings win hearts with Fair play!!

Taking away nothing from the Rajasthan Royals, who were the run away favorites in the finals due to their group stages performance, spare a thought for CSK. Starting the league, with 4 consecutive victories, made CSK the favorites. But then Hayden and Hussey parted ways to defeats, as CSK could not handle the hole created by them. It was back to drawing board. Captain cool MSD stayed calm and took his team through tough times.

Then came the spark of victories, which took Chennai up the ladder in the points table. Many doubted that CSK were not that good a team to make it through, but what they have done is proved their critics wrong. It was very dis-heartening to see, many were against Chennai Super Kings as a team rather than for Rajasthan Royals. The team had done so well on the field with umpires and players that it won the "Fair play award" for the tournament.

The regional slurs were all out. People supporting Chennai were more disappointed by the slurs they got rather than the team's defeat. Cricket is just a game, battles on the field are not to be taken personal. Igniting personal wars, goes no where but destroy relationships and partnerships. Just adding ghee to fire of fury. People never can accept a guy from down south being successful or say being happy.

Seems like some kind of genetic disapproval, which does not accept the fact that people are not as happy or successful (to add even intelligent) as a South Indian. Being a Chennai supporter, I got a taste of all the above. ( I am not intelligent though, but most of my friends are) I was disappointed by the Chennai Super King's loss 'as a team' as MS Dhoni rightly put it. I have never seen a fielding captain smile when the opposition need 1 run from 1 ball.

MSD blamed no one for the poor show and said it was a team effort all throughout. The speaks volumes about the man and his captaincy. Rajasthan Royals won the game, but the Chennai Super kings players were in a huddle reciprocating what could have been a sure victory if they would have played better and too take this defeat on its strides. Rajasthan Royals were amazing on field, their bowling in the death was really remarkable considering the pressure of finals. Their batting looked good in patches, but lost important wickets at crucial situations.

Finally, the match ended tantalizingly close in the last ball. A sure humdinger, which draws crowds aplenty. The final could have never been scripted better than this. The IPL has been a talent identifying event. Manpreet Goni, Yusuf Patan, Gautam Gambhir, Daval Kulkarni, etc.. and the list goes on. This very much shows Indian cricket in future is in safe hands!!